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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I'm unsure how to use EventReference?
A. You'll receive our user guide when you create your first EventReference event. We also offer email support – support@eventreference.com and how-to videos on our YouTube channel
Q. Can I set-up my own online registration with EventReference?
A. Yes, the EventReference system has been designed so that you can do just that – set-up your own online registration
Q. Can EventReference set-up my online registration?
A. Yes, but there is a fee which depends on what you require. Here you can see the pricing list
Q. Can I download my data?
A. Yes you can. Instructions for downloading data can be found in user guide #12 HOW TO: View your Registration Data
Q. Can I use EventReference for more than one event?
A. Yes, you can use EventReference for multiple events. We also offer event packages, which can be found here
Q. How long does it take to set-up?
A. EventReference has been designed to be simple. Your online registration can be created in less than 60 seconds – watch our how-to video to see just how easy it is
Q. How many attendee types can I have?
A. As many as you want – there is no limit. If you'd like to put a capacity against an attendee type so that only a certain number of registrations will be accepted before the site closes, you can do that too in the Attendee Types sidebar menu tab. For more information on Attendee Types, see user guide #5 HOW TO: Administer attendee types in EventReference
Q. How do I brand the registration form?
A. When creating your event, in the Look & Feel tab simply click on Choose file under Custom Header Graphic and upload your own branding
Q. Can I use my own domain?
A. You can personalise the URL in the Look & Feel tab by editing the text under Event URL but it has to be xxx@eventreference.com
Q. Can I create customised emails to send to my attendees?
A. Yes – in the Content Management tab in the sidebar menu, you can create customised HTML emails with header graphics by clicking the Source button and entering your own HTML code
Q. Can I clone my event?
A. Yes – to help save you even more time when you're setting up, the Clone Event button enables you to copy the attendee types, content and data fields from one event to another
Q. Can I invite delegates to register for my event?
A. Yes – you can send a fully branded email containing a link to your registration form to anyone you'd like to invite to your event
Q. I have delegates from different countries – can I have a registration form for each?
A. Yes – simply specify an attendee type for each country and create the accompanying registration form when you set-up your event
Q. Can I report on my event?
A. Yes – EventReference offers a full suite of reporting functions from custom reports to summary reports which can be filtered, rerun, stored and downloaded as many times as you need. For more information on reporting, see user guide #19 HOW TO: Filter your data and create reports
Q. Is EventReference secure?
A. Yes – EventReference is a Reference Technology Limited product. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified – the first in the badging and registration industry. ISO 27001:2017 is an information security standard and is awarded when a company establishes, implements, maintains and continually improves its information security management system (ISMS).
Q. Is there a calendar option for delegates to use on the registration form when citing their DOB?
A. Yes. This function is part of our Advanced feature Premium Add-on. Once you have activated this add-on on your event, all you need to do is click Create New Field in the Details tab and chose 'date' as the format. You can also specify a date range too
Q. Can I collect credit card numbers using EventReference?
A. No – EventReference is not PCI DSS compliant and therefore should never be used to store credit card information. Payments for event registrations can be taken using a payment gateway and EventReference can link up to a lot of different payment gateways for this purpose
Q. What is the difference between an http site and an https site?
A. An http site is an unsecured method of collecting data, whereas an https site is secured as the data is encrypted while travelling across the internet
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